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the color purple

it's been quite a while since i last bought something purple. to those who know me personally it's a very known fact that i am absolutely obsessed with the color purple. anything purple! my friends are so accustomed to this they always think of me first when they see something purple. so imagine how thrilled i was when i stumbled upon this gorgeous shade of purple at zara, and on sale on top of it all. i had to have it. i am not very keen on the elastic band cause it tends to drop on the sides, but i do love the crochet details in the neckline and front. it wasn't really my intention to go for color blocking, it's just that i've been carrying this bag with me non stop lately. i didn't thought it would, but it really goes with everything. i thought i would stop here color wise and wear my nude wedges to maintain the focus on the upper body. it's now more than ever that i am really glad i decided to change my hair color to orange because i would have looked ridiculous with purple hair and matching clothes.

dress, bag: zara * wedges: bb up


  1. Great summer dress! My friend who has red hair loves to wear purple looks so good with that hair color.

  2. The color of your dress looks fantastic with your hair. I'm also digging the nude shoe. It's very elegant with the outfit.

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