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no dawn, no day, i'm always in this twilight

my post title is not to be confused with a twilight movie reference, it's merely a florence and the machine quote. as you may have noticed, most of my post titles are lyrics or song titles or sometimes random quotes that relate to the content of the post. they are not very obvious sometimes, and maybe they only make sense in my head, but disclosing the logic behind choosing one quote or another would just spoil the fun. but this time i decided to explain the train of thought that brought me to this quote. the first thread would be that fact that these pictures were taken at sunset, as the sun was making his final appearance while hiding from time to time behind some clouds. we literally had to walk around, circling this church in search of the final rays of light. coming home, songs came popping into my head and as i was humming some tune i realized that miss florence herself might wear something like my vintage dress here. if only for our choice of hair color i do think we might bear some resemblance, n'est ce pas?

dress: vintage *  belt: thrifted * yank top: mango *  sandals: random


  1. Lovely dress! You look beautiful!

  2. Haha I choose my titles by the same way as you and also think they maybe make sence only in MY head :D Anyway I think your dress is very pretty!

  3. I love this, that dress suits you so well, I love that is kind of femenine and I love how your tatoo
    is showing make in you look very cool. x