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doesn't mean i'm blue for you

i realize now i must make an effort to smile more in my photos. i've been thinking a lot lately about how i come across in pictures and sadly it turns out the pictures don't always reflect who i am in real life. i must seem to you most of the times a bit too serious, sad, tired or even upset. which is rarely the case. i am truly a very happy and positive person but i guess it's still hard for me to put on a smile whenever i take a picture. and i've been doing this for almost a year and a half now. i still feel awkward about it even when i am taking the pictures by myself, as it was the case today. there i was, up on my building's rooftop, all by myself, looking at my camera set on the tripod, the sun in my eyes and all i could think of was: isn't this silly? what if someone sees me? i do manage to put on a happy face whenever my boyfriend takes my pictures because i smile at him and not necessarily to the camera. so, anyway, i may be dressed in blue  but i'm not feeling blue at all today. actually i am feeling pretty excited about next week. but i'll have to tell you about that some other time. ciao!

dress: mango * sandals: random


  1. "molko would be so jealous of this look ;)" Omg thank you :) This is maybe the sweetest comment i've ever got :D

    And you know you look fierce in blue!
    I think it's strange to laugh at one's tripod too.. and I'm also always afraid of my neighbours watching me ^^

  2. Your dress is gorgeous! And it works so well with your brilliant hair colour.:) xx

  3. miha am o intrebare off topic...cunosti pe cineva care stie sa impleteasca coditie afro??? colega ta de facultate cu care te intersectezi siempre in centru andra:)) te pup