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as much as i hate to admit it, the truth is wearing dresses on a bike is not really practical. especially if even the slightest breeze is blowing, your dress will always get blown in your face and you end up flashing people. still, i won't give up wearing skirts and dresses on my bike when it's just for a quick and relaxed ride. but when i know i'll be pedalling across town i try to go for something more suited. i hate wearing pants when it's hot out but these ones are quite lightweight and manage to keep me cool. sorry they look so crumpled, it's because of all the pedalling. i wanted to pair them with something bright and fun and so i went for a red polka dotted shirt with a pretty lacy detail. i predict this is going to be remixed numerous times this summer. and then there's this bag i've been carrying around on my bike rides lately which i picked up at a festival a couple of years ago. soon enough i hope to get a basket for my bike and then i won't have to carry a bag. can't wait for that!

cardigan: promod * shirt: thrifed * pants: zara * shoes, bag: random

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