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take me down to the emerald city

hooray for bare legs! and hello knees, haven't seen you in a while. it was a gorgeous day today so i figured i ought to take my new pumps out for a walk. this is the second time i wore them and i am slowly adjusting to wearing high heels. it's still kinda weird and awkward, i sometimes feel like a drag queen. and then, i don't know, i feel kinda all grown up in these. here i am, going on 28 and i still feel like a kid inside. and then i thought maybe i should go all color blocking on you all and so i pulled out this emerald green dress i recently purchased. wearing such bold colors together is new territory for me but the effect is guaranteed. i guess ever since i became a redhead i started to experiment more with bold colors, and let me say i'm loving it. and now you must excuse me, i gotta go rest my poor feet. as good as these shoes look they sure killed my feet today!

dress: terranova * cardigan: h&m * shoes: filty


  1. Such shoes look better and are more comfy with a wedges, because they are colorful and rounded.