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sheer delight

i must say, i am really getting the hang of using more red in my daily outfits. just a few accents here and there is the way i played it today. red socks, red earrings, red nail polish. well, i had to do something to distract you from the sheerness of my top. it may not look that sheer in this light but trust me, it's pretty sheer. luckily the top has this funny little sort of rag flower thingy which also diverts the eye. i thought i could take it off, but no, it's sewn to the top. nothing much, just a relaxed tuesday outfit. in other news, i just got my new kindle today. i am super excited about it!!! and i got a super cute orange cover for it. i am quite an avid reader and i cannot wait for this little gizmo to keep me company, especially since i'll be travelling a lot this summer. have a lovely week everyone!

 top: zara * pants: stradivarius * socks: h&m * shoes: bb up

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