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queen of slopes

hey there, sorry about the silenzio stampa lately. I took 2 weeks off from work and I am spending them with my boyfriend, climbing mountains and learning to snowboard. one week has already gone by and although it didn't quite feel like a vacation, more like boot camp, it's all for the best. it's great to escape the city and enjoy some exercise while filling the lungs with fresh mountain air. we're back in the city for a couple of days and then we're going back. I must say every muscle in my body hurts like hell, but I am quite anxious to get back to the slopes and work on my snowboarding. so, there won't be any outfit shots pretty soon, but here's my snowboarding outfit, if that counts for anything. enjoy the view and have a great week all of you. I know I will.


  1. That sunset looks gorgeous!

    I wish I was off snowboarding, that would be awesome. Have fun.