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the world is not enough

it's not bad enough that I have taken over most of the closet space, leaving my boyfriend with only a couple of shelves and 8 hangers (I had to run over to count them), now I am starting to wear his clothes too. the nerve on this girl, you might think (or he might think). he is a jeans and t-shirt kinda guy, so his shirts are rarely used. I felt sorry for the poor things and decided to show one of them the light of day. plaid shirts always seemed to me so laid back and comfortable. for some reason I think wearing man's clothes is very sexy. oh, gosh I can't believe I just used the word sexy. well, here I am wearing a green plaid shirt, way too big for me, sleeves rolled up and a belt to give it some sort of shape. put on my faux leather leggings to give the outfit more edge, but I swore I would take a break from wearing them for a while. I feel I have over worn them in the past couple of months.

 shirt: thifted, my boyfriend's * leggings: stradivarius * belt: thrifted * earrings: stradivarius

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