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it's a mad mad world

i know for sure when summer is here when all my favorite shows end and i have nothing to watch. i don't own a tv, i haven't had one in 6 years. i watch all my shows online. you couldn't quite call me a tv junkie but i do get absorbed in the stories they tell on these shows. i just finished watching mad men's season finale and i cannot believe i have to wait for an entire year to meet up with the characters again. i absolutely loved the styling this season and i had my eye out on megan of course. and roger sterling cracks me up every time he opens his mouth, his lines are absolutely hilarious. joan had my absolute favorite line this season: "my mother raised me to be admired". top that if you can. and of course, my outfit for the day has nothing to do with what i just said. it does has a retro vibe though, especially with the t strap sandals.

t-shirt: zara * skirt: c&a * sandals: thrifted


  1. love this look. and I miss all the shows, too.

  2. lovely combo ;D shirt and skirt are so trippy!