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escargots chez le petit bistrot

i am already beginning to feel nostalgic. these will be the pictures from my last few days in paris. let's go on with it, starting with tuesday. we had the whole day planned out. went to the orsay museum, which was the highlight of our entire trip to paris. i don't mean to keep things in suspense or tease you with such things but unfortunately you are not allowed to take pictures inside the museum so you will have to take my word for it when i say it is spectacular. or you could not take my word for it and go check it out yourselves. the museum displays magnificent works of the most renowned impressionist and post-impressionist painters. we saw breathtaking paintings by van gogh, renoir, manet, monet, degas, toulouse lautrec, pissaro, sisley and so on. after wandering around for hours in the museum we headed towards la tour eiffel. we were looking for a place to eat snails at and so we stopped at a wonderful bistrot on the way, where we had some escargots and duck. bellies full, we went all the way to the top of the tower where we had an amazing panoramic view of the city and then took a stroll along champ de mars. met some friends later on that night and tried for the very first time the mouth watering macarons. wednesday turned to be a grim rainy day and so our plans were kinda ruined. we walk a myriad of complicated streets only to find the picasso museum was closed until 2012! thursday was the last day in paris for my girls and so they left after lunch. i moved into a hotel until my departure the next day and took a walk down rue saint germain. mid way through it i got caught in the rain and my already torn shoes disintegrated even more and took in loads of water. i resisted heroicly until i marked down my last targets: la sorbonne, le pantheon and place saint germain des pres. i took the metro to my hotel and ended the night with dinner and ile flottante for dessert. au revoir paris! a la prochaine!

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