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challenge accepted

the color yellow is nonexistent in my wardrobe. I never cared much about this color and I am still sure it would not suit me, contrary to what horoscopes might say. I guess for me yellow, along with pink are off limits. but then again, pink is another story. getting back to the present issue, I was one day shopping for some colored tights (one cannot have too many, right?) and for some reason these yellow ones called to me. I tried to fight the feeling but still their call was much too strong. I knew then and there this was a challenge. if I would ever allow yellow into my wardrobe it would be in the form of tights. so I said to myself: challenge accepted. I took them home and decided to put together 5 different outfits that would incorporate them. for the duration of this week I will present to you one outfit a day, even though the shots were all taken in the same day. it would be weird after all to walk around in the same pair of tights all week. so here's the first one. let me know what you think :)

dress: extrose * tights: fiore * boots: amanda * bag: vintage


  1. Oh that shade of yellow is lovely with the browns! So sweet! Great job conquering yellow!=)

  2. Love love love! I was not a yellow fan myself until that lovely mustard color became super popular, now it's my favorite. And talk about super model legs, no fair!

    xoxo Maria at

  3. I think that this mustard yellow really does work beautifully with the entire outfit! Yay for yellow :)


  4. This one is definitely my favorite :) ♥

  5. i am a big fan of colored tights. i think you look amazing yellow tights and i dont think it is weird to wear the same pair all week.