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layers unfold

I remember when I began this blog it was early autumn and I was so excited about layers and layers and comfy cozy clothes. now, as I am living this never ending winter I cannot wait to get rid of these layers and coats and walk around in flowy, airy dresses. today, as a symbolic gesture I shed my layers. I say symbolic because I had to put them back on after I took the pictures, to stay warm. as much as I love scarves, long cardigans, hats, gloves and leggings (which I have to wear with a pair of tights underneath so I can stay warm), I would love to bury them deep in the closet only to find them next fall. oh, spring won't you hurry up, can't you hear us calling you? and by the way, isn't it weird that we're all waiting for spring to come and yet all the designers are showing us on runways their fall wear? what are we to do with such information so early on?

cardigan: terranova * scarf: meli melo * shirt: h&m, thrifted * leggings: stradivarius