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oh what a fine day

just like dexter (the cartoon character, not the series) I woke up this morning trying to say oh what a fine day for science (well, in my case fashion) and something just didn't sound quite right. I haven't been feeling quite well for the past few days and I really needed to put something on to get me out of this funk. I tried several things on and nothing seemed to work. polka dots didn't do the trick, purple didn't do it either (oh my!). I knew color tights might just be it, so I put on my blue ones and worked my way around them. a denim skirt seemed the right choice, and then I added a checkered red shirt. red would surely keep my spirits up. the whole thing turned out a bit americana/cowboy looking with the studded boots and all, but at least it's fun. sometimes I tend to take fashion too seriously, so it's ok to have fun and goof around from time to time.

cardigan, shirt: h&m * skirt: esprit, thrifted * tights: fiore


  1. Oh wow. This is an amazing outfit! I mean, fun it is, but not also so totally chic and new and so cool. I'm really loving it. So cool. I LOVE your style!!!


  2. incredible boots :O :O :O
    love this :)
    thanks for the sweet comment, again!
    <3 xx