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architectural inspiration

today's outfit, though very simple, was inspired by the architecture of friedensreich hundertwasser. I bought these earrings from a handmade designer a while ago and they represent a typical hundertwasser building, very colorful and lacking any straight lines. if you hold them against the light you can actually see through the little windows. so I wanted my outfit to contain a bold color, in this case orange, and then use similar colors for the shirt and pants so they kind of blend in and you can't really tell where one begins and one ends. unfortunately there wasn't anyone around today to take my picture and I had to do it by myself in the mirror. I don't like doing this. my new camera is on it's way, it should be here in a couple of weeks. can't wait!

 cardigan: thrifted * t-shirt: zara * pants: terranova


  1. Wow, gorgeous much!? If you don't mind me asking, what nationality/ethnicity are you?

    xoxo Maria at