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I am not one to strictly follow trends. I do draw inspiration from them, I spend a lot of time researching online and reading fashion magazines, but I rarely copy a trend. occasionally, I do find something that is really inspiring and I try and incorporate it into my outfits. let's take for example pilled up chains, which is not even in trend anymore. like they say: that's so like 5 minutes ago. I'm all for bad ass rocker chick looks, so that called out to me immediately. I just had to wait until I got my hands on a bunch of chains, to be able to pull this look off. I knew I wanted to keep the rest simple, so the white wife beater was a must. wife beater, that's so funny... I remember laughing so hard the first time I heard that's what you call these things. a balmain strong shoulder jacket would have worked wonderfully, but since that is still an impossible dream to a girl on a budget like me, my jacket will do. the black and white plaid pants are kinda punk, so I thought they would go great together with the rest of the ensemble, and plus, I didn't want to break the black and white theme I was going for. in the end, since the outfit was busy enough with all the chains, I decided to put on a bunch of black and silver rings to add just a bit more drama, the karl lagerfeld way.

 jacket: pimkie * pants: no label * top: zara * random chains and necklaces

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