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the sun smiled at me

woke up this morning in a very playful mood. luckily, the weather woke up in the same mood too. it was so sunny and warm outside I decided to go on the rooftop and take some pictures outdoors for a change. it was actually too sunny, I was frowning and making faces in almost all of the pictures because the sun kept getting in my eyes. I tried to translate my playful mood into my outfit of course. I started with my grey jumper dress which I wore over a purple t-shirt, then added some purple knee length socks over my white tights, put on my booties and a cardigan for warmth. layers, layers, layers... love them. oh, and my chair necklace of course, which I've been wearing non stop since I got it. damn, this outfit is too fun for a day at the office. I should be going to a fun fair or something. oh, well...

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