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punk the 20s

today I pulled out my "girls from the 20s" t-shirt from the closet and decided to make the girls more modern. and what else can be further away from the 20s then a pair of punked up jeans. found these jeans at a sale a couple of years ago and fell in love with them on the spot. I loved the stars on the legs and the studs on the back pocket. they actually looked custom made. they had this huge rip close to the front pocket, but that just made them more interesting. I gathered some safety pins I could find round the house and put them across the rip and then added some badges. my favorite one is the one with a girl and a boy that says " I chase boys" (thanks again Patricia for a thoughtful gift). I am sure my girls are pleased with the result.

pants: sabotage; t-shirt: bershka; cardigam: missy glam(?); boots: no name

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