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never was a cornflake girl

it was great to get a few days off work and enjoy the long weekend. not only did i have time to read and relax, watch my favorite tv shows and do some cleaning around the house, but i also finally managed to get my summer clothes out from storage. my stuff doesn't fit in the wardrobe anymore (it hasn't actually in quite a long time) so i have to store the things i don't wear under the bed. there's plenty of room there for all my thingies and so i keep my summer clothes there during the winter and vice versa. i surely missed all my summer dresses and it's such a treat to see them again after all these months. it's as if i was shopping my own closet. i was super anxious to wear this thrifted dress again, which i thought would be perfect for riding my bike around town because it doesn't blow up in my face with the wind. i've been drawn to the vintage side of my wardrobe lately  as you can see. and there's more to come.

 dress,sandals, belt: thifted * hat: meli melo

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  1. I am in love with your hair! also your outfit is so sweet- every element goes together beautifully.