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you possess every trait that i lack, by coincidence or by design

this is the first time i redeem something from chictopia and i was super excited to get these high waisted lace shorts in the mail. thank you lulu's for such an amazing reward! not only are these shorts extra comfy and delicate but they also possess a certain vintage vibe that i adore. i remember my mom used to have a similar pair when i was growing up, only they were kinda rigid and i used to think they were hideous back them. who knew i would be sporting something like this years later. i really wanted to keep the vintage feel and wore a peach flowy top and my pistachio loafers with these. we took a day trip out of town yesterday and i was so inspired by the landscape. the various shades of green, the gorgeous blue sky and the rainbow after the light rain really made my day. i was really happy to have found this wheat field  full of poppies as the background for my photos. i can smell summer in the air and i have already started day dreaming about my summer vacation.

shorts: lulu's * top: amisu * loafers: bb up


  1. Wow that background is amazing! Where is it? Those flowers are insanely gorgeous. It makes the white shorts pop in the pictures. Great photographs! The fit of the shorts is incredible. Wish I could find vintage-inspired high waist shorts like that! :)

  2. the shorts are lovely, nice catch!

  3. Always listen to your heart because even though it’s on your left side, it’s always right.❤