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my secret garden is not so secret anymore

this weekend my guy and i took our bikes out for a spin and decided to drop by our favorite park in the city, the roses park. the park has been under reconstruction for quite a while but it wasn't until some guy came up to us and told us we had to leave that we realized the park was closed for the public. the fact that we were the only ones there except for the workers should have been the first clue but i guess we were distracted by the view. the park looks amazing now. next time i'll take some photos of the roses too.  luckily we managed to snap most of the photos by the time we were politely asked to leave. we took a couple more though for safety as we were grabbing our bikes and went on our way. it was later that day that we saw the double rainbow so this was pretty much a perfect day. it's a shame my outfit is so crumpled, i swear i ironed both the dragonfly top and the polka dot shorts before leaving home. yes, these are shorts, which makes them super practical for bike riding. and there's a special reason i was wearing my dragonfly shirt but i will tell you all about it later.

shirt, shorts: zara * sandals: random

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