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every cloud is grey with dreams of yesterday

the saying "there's no place like home" has never been more true for me. i only get to go home 4, 5 times a year and i've learned to appreciate the time spent there. i fell like a kid again in my parents' presence, i get pampered, or how i like to call it - the royal treatment, because i don't have to move a muscle, and most of all i get that feeling of coziness and well being. it's always nice to be surrounded by so many familiar faces and places. last weekend was no exception, i slept like a baby till mid day, ate insane amounts of goodies, hung out with dear friends and had a blast. sunday afternoon, after coffee in my favorite bar, i noticed the view and decided i couldn't pass the opportunity to take some pictures with the symbol of my home town - the citadel - in the backdrop.
 t-shirt: berhska * cardigan: thifted * shorts: H&M * sandals: Jeffrey Campbell


  1. wow cw misto sunt papucii!!
    Esti indrazneata , imi place culoarea parului.

  2. I think the shorts are sooooo perfect.......perfection ...... love the shoes too....and of course the sheer tights are unbeatable on your lovely legs I grew up in ballet (I'm a guy) and I always wore big sweaters with tights under. I'm traveling in Europe this fall, and I adore the style of tights with cut off denim shorts, and leather shorts, and cute high waisted shorts. .My friends in Europe know I'm bold and brash and have encouraged me to don cute tights on my legs and wear that look (tights and shorts....I've even begun to wear thin sheer tights as well...
    I love your hair by the way... very stylish and fun.... and your smile . You have a great style and you "wear it well"