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found the peace i've been searching for

here comes the studs overload. i guess i've always been a fan of studs, they are obviously associated with the music genres i prefer. they have been making a fashion statement for a long time adorning bags, shoes and clothing, but since a couple of years ago we saw a massive resurgence. you've already been introduced to my studded clutch, which doubles as a shoulder bag, and i recently picked up these boots at a no name store in town. they are so comfy i swear i am not taking them off anytime soon. the studded shirt is actually a recent DIY project of mine (i'll prepare a short tutorial for tomorrow, in case you're interested). i used an old thrifted knit shirt, and the studs came from my old boots (they made one of their last appearance here).

 shirt: thrifted, diy * skirt: H&M * cardigan, boots: random * tights: Mondex * clutch: Stradivarius


  1. Love the boots (I've recently bought a similar pair) and the top looks great.

    I'd put studs on everything, but I don't like it that they've become so mainstream lately :P


  2. Amazing boots, indeed! I'm also from (near) TM - could you pretty pretty please tell where exactly did you picked them up from (what store)?


  3. is superbe botinele, de unde le-ai luat?

  4. ah, n-o sa va vina sa credeti. le-am luat de la lapucci, din centru. dar mi-au placut asa de tare ca nu m-am putut abtine :D

  5. Really?
    That's so cool! Great! :)