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Tiramisu alle fragole collaboration, part 2

here is part two of my shooting for Tiramisu alle fragole. this time i decided to put together a more elegant outfit. maybe something you can wear at the office christmas party. sorry, i'm not a true socialite, so i couldn't think of a fancier occasion. this lace brocade dress is so delicate and precious, i felt wonderful wearing it. plus  brocade is so hot right now, you cannot go wrong with it. to give this a little twist and make it more my style, i added the spiked headband and the ring.

 dress, cardigan, ring, headband: buy at tiramisu alle fragole * shoes: Filty


  1. I love the brocade dress, especially with the black cardigan! I would wear this in a heartbeat. :) P.S. Jealous you have snow there. :<

  2. This is a special dress, love it!