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i'm seeing in you something

i was super lucky i managed to snap these shots before the guard came up and told us we're not allowed to take pictures and we have to leave. i work in one of these buildings so i didn't want to make a fuss, but i felt sorry that my friends could not take their pictures here. i love how beautiful the background looks with these street lights. my outfit here combines some old and new pieces i love. i am wearing my boyfriend's thrifted sweater and my mom's clip on earrings. which reminds me of an interesting question i was asked recently. if i wear these earrings it means that i am wearing a vintage piece. but if my mom wears them what do you call it? is she old fashioned or is she wearing vintage too? what are your thoughts on that?

 sweater, bag: thrifted * skirt, boots: H&M * necklace: tiramisu alle fragole * earrings: vintage


  1. LOVE the colors ♥ !! You are stunning.

  2. WOW! Beautiful! I love the handbag :X

  3. Wow i love ur hair!! U look gorg !! Follow u on gfc wanna do the same? Giulia

  4. Gorgeous outfit and nice selection of location, even if you were the only one that was able to use it.

  5. Great skirt!.. New acquisition? :)

    1. thanks! i got it this summer during the sales :)