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people are fragile things

another weekend, another fashionable meeting with my blogger friends. prancing around in this ensemble, despite the layers i so carefully put together, turned my cough into a full blown cold by the end of the day. oh, the things i endure for fashion's sake. styling this ruffled vest is always a challenge but i really love the result this time. it draws away the attention from the way too short dress and creates a nice volume. hope you like my new necklace, i made it myself. there's nothing to it really, i just bought the wire and the woolen balls from the hobby shop and put them together.
 dress, belt: thrifted * vest: H&M * cardigan: Etam * boots: random * clutch: Stradivarius * necklace: DIY

and here are my lovely companions: Laura and Claudia


  1. You look like a cute cupcake, love the DIY necklace!


  2. I love the matching colours in your nails, hair and jewelry. Makes your outfit pop.