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is it just madness keeping us afloat?

 ♫ muse - madness
i've been really enjoying wearing hats lately and it's about time to expand my stock. i saw a gorgeous bright blue bowler hat in budapest a while ago but thought it was too pricey so i didn't buy it. of course i ended up regretting it by the time i got home. there's a funny story behind the one i am wearing: a few years ago for the company christmas party me and my female colleagues decided to wear man suits, ties and hats and i couldn't be more happy with the idea of going drag. i haven't told you this yet but i am a big big fan of drag shows. hope i didn't raise too many eyebrows just now. well, if this statement didn't, let me assure you that wearing these tights to work surely raised some eyebrows there.

 dress: Mango * cardigan: Zara * tights: Fiore * boots, hat: random


  1. I love these stockings. got similar ones too:D

  2. You look so stunning!

  3. Imi plac la nebunie ciorapii...imi tot caut si eu dar nu am gasit nicaieri.Cred ca urmeaza sa`mi comand online :)

  4. the stockings are delightful! I love the color if that cardigan too :D