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if you love me let me go back to that bar in tokyo

blogger just let me know that my storage space is up and i could no longer upload pictures unless i upgraded my account. i managed to clean up my web albums a bit to make room for a few more pictures, but what do i do next? any advice guys? what do you use to store your blog pictures on line? ok, so while i try to figure it all out, lets get back to rambling about clothes. this skirt if one of the most beautiful things i own, honestly. i really love the work that got into it, the texture, color and the shape. who knew i would love wearing high waisted skirts so much? i wanted to create a contrast with the top and so i went for a very simple and somber green army shirt. i love mixing feminine and masculine elements and i love how they balance each other. the details in the skirt contrast the minimalist look of the shirt, there's a lightness about the skirt that is counter balanced by the clean cut and the rigidness of the shirt. i may have to alter the shirt to make it more fitted, but all in all i am very happy with the way this turned out. i am really embracing all these earthy tones and shades of green, they really work wonders with my hair color.
shirt: thrifted * skirt, tights: h&m * shoes: bb up

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  1. open a flickr and host pictures there. then cut and paste the html code of the picture you want (under "share" button) and paste into your blog post.