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That's the long and that's the short of it

How gorgeous is my new maxi skirt from Mango? Right? I picked it up from their online outlet store and my heart skipped a bit when I first saw it. I rarely shop on line because I prefer buying from regular stores. I love the fussing around in the changing room, trying out different outfit combinations, being able to touch and feel the fabric and seeing the actual fit. But with this one I didn't even blink, I bought it on the spot. The fringe top is also a new addition, bought on my recent trip to France and I love it to pieces.

top: H&M
skirt: Mango
sandals (not pictured): Zara
bracelet: Topshop


  1. Oh my, so fabulous! Definitely my favorite outfit from you!

  2. love the top! I also love their online store, they've got such good prices. TIP : go to Premier Outlet in Budapest at Mango, it's worth it

  3. Both items are stunners, I'd love a top like yours. You look absolutely amazing!