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Chinese gardens

Hello again, kittens. It’s yet another foggy day here in Shanghai but the weather is quite nice and warm. No November rain so far. I managed to snap these pictures a few days ago at work. We are located quite far from the city center but the offices here have a beautiful garden where you can take a stroll during lunch break. The food here has been amazing, and quite different from what you usually get in Chinese food restaurants in Europe. I managed to stay off coffee even during my first jetlagged days, and have been drinking lots and lots of green tea instead. I am coming home in a few days, until then check out my Instagram account @skinny_buddha for more pictures. Zàijiàn! 

cardigan: H&M
skirt: trifted
boots: H&M
necklace, ring: random


  1. Me likes the skirt!

  2. Love the skirt.How cool can that be, to be in Shanghai!:) You should hare with us some views ;)

  3. Loved your blog