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what's my age again

sometimes i wish i was in high school again and one of the cool goth kids. i must admit one of my guilty pleasures is visiting (now only online) the hot topic store. i know i am well past the rebellious teenage years, but once in a while i feel the need to channel the inner goth child in me. i remember the first time i walked into the store, i was working in LA for the summer, and i was mesmerized. i was 22 at that time but still there was no way i could pull some of those things off. but, there was one thing that i just couldn't say no to and that was this dress. years later it's still one of my favorites. i'm a sucker for all things dark, whether it's fashion, music, art or film. and this dress also embodies a bit of a pin-up girl or a gothic lolita, both trends i am mad about. i feel so bad ass wearing this :)). i love the subtle lace detail and the incorporated corset and the hard/soft juxtaposition. i know i may seem like a walking talking contradiction, jumping from one thing to another, but there are so many great styles out there it would be a shame not to try them.

dress: tripp, hot topic * shoes: dgm


  1. You look amazing in this dress. And I totally agree with you about wanting to be goth! When I was in high school no one dressed anything interesting. Sigh, we were born too late! And now, like you said, there is no way we could get away with dressing goth and being taken seriously!

    Oh, and YES: there are too many great styles out there not to try them!

  2. that IS a cool dress!! My sister (who is now almost 22) did the goth thing for awhile. She was pretty full bore too!