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don't forget the flowers, someday i know i will

this skirt is one of my first diy projects. i remember i was in high school, there were all these parties i was going to and i wanted to wear something new every time, without damaging my parent's budget. some of my mom's old clothes began to fit me but they weren't exactly my type back them. i guess i only began to be interested in  vintage later on. so what i did was i started to alter my mom's and my own clothes. this was actually a dress and i cut it into separates. what i loved most was the color and the print and i still love them after all these years. don't remember what i did with the top but the skirt remained with me all this time. now it's all worn out, a bit faded, and you can see little pinches in the material, but i love that there's so much history behind it. i like my clothes to tell a story. i know i said i'm not big on floral prints but looks like i like them after all. 

top: old navy * skirt: vintage, diy * shoes: bb up

1 comment:

  1. Super cute DIY! I love the print of that skirt.

    Also, owl necklaces!

    My mom was never really interested in fashion but I often wish I had my grandma's old clothes!