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china girl

i've always been fascinated with oriental cultures, and over the years i drew massive inspiration from them. whether it be literature, art, manga cartoons, movies or street fashion, they always seem to be one step ahead of us. while most of my inspiration is drawn from the japanese culture, i am also inspired by chinese and indian forms of art. to me, one of the most elegant costumes in the entire world would have to be the traditional chinese dress. i actually own an original brought from china and it's a marvelous work of art. while i admire the simplicity of the cut and shape, the embroidery work on it is simply breathtaking. i only wear it to special occasions, as it is way too precious to be worn by day, so i was very happy when i found this chinese inspired dress at a thrift store some years ago that can be worn any time of the day. the fabric is perfect for hot summer days as it is light and cool, and i love the delicate flower print. the fan was a gift and i thought it would go great with today's chinese inspiration.

dress: thrifted * shoes: bb up * folding fan: gift


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  2. wowww!!!! That dress is absolutely breathtaking with your hair color! I am so in love with your hair!!!=)

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