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we are all electric

electric blue. i just love saying that. doesn't it sound cool? there's something about this color that instantly uplifts your spirits. and i'm not even a big fan of blue, but you just can't stay down while wearing it. and it is certainly a color that won't go by unnoticed. though i much rather wear it somewhere in a more exotic location, rather than just wearing it to work. wouldn't it be perfect for a dinner date by the beach, somewhere in portugal with your hair in the wind and barefoot, listening to electric light orchestra play? see how it all adds up? yeah, dream on. this goes to show how much i need a vacation, i am starting to talk nonsense here. it's saturday, i should go on with my weekend activities and so should you.

dress: mango * shoes: random


  1. I'm so glad the you liked the dresses:)

    You look great, love this dress on you, especially the color I thinks it works very well with your hair:)

    Lots of hugs

  2. I have been loving bright colors even more than usual lately, too! ;)

  3. oh this dress is beautiful. and it looks so good with your hair!