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the sky is on fire

as days are starting to get shorter and shorter i learn to appreciate light more than ever. i am usually confined between the white walls of my room when taking outfit shots as there's barely any light left by the time i get home, and i have to do this by myself most of the times. this weekend i discovered the roof over our building is open again so i decided to venture up there today with my tripod while i still had some light. unfortunately it was already 7 pm and the light was dimming by the minute. i caught a beautiful sight of the reddened sky but sadly enough there were barely any good outfit pictures by the end of it all. there's barely any light in the last frame but i decided not to use the flash as i felt it would ruin the whole thing. it was a fight against the dimming light but i am glad i got to see all those beautiful colors in the sky. hopefully i'll get a better shot next time. just a few things about the outfit: i wanted to spice up a bit what could have been a very sad outfit and so i decided to style up the pants and shirt with some checkered suspenders and a bright purple cardigan. i was actually planning something high waisted for this shirt but none of my skirts seemed to work and i don't have any high rise pants. why don't i have a pair of high waisted pants? have to get me some.

cardigan, shirt: thrifted * pants: flo&jo * shoes: dgm * suspenders: from sziget festival