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one year anniversary

that's right, my baby blog turned one last month, on september 17th to be more precise. i cannot believe a year has gone by already, it's been such an amazing ride. i started my blog with the desire to interact with other fashion enthusiasts, feeling rather disappointed that the people around me in real life couldn't care less about fashion, or weren't as enthusiastic about it as i was. this blog gave me the opportunity to discover so many amazing, interesting, creative, risk taking people and i am most grateful for that. it also gave me a chance to learn new things about myself and grow, it made me challenge myself to be more creative and take more risks fashion wise, and define who i really am. this became such an important thing in my life, i couldn't even imagine now not being skinny buddha. there are times when i get frustrated about not being able to post as often as i wish, life sort of gets in the way of that, and my full time job too. i like to think of myself as a corporate bee by day, fashion blogger by night. here are some of my favorite blog moments. thank you all for being a part of this amazing experience!



  1. "corporate bee by day, fashion blogger by night" =great !!!

    Happy aniversary !!!

  2. ★★★★★

    Congrats, you truly are a fashion enthusiast!

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  4. congrats, keep the posts and the fashion coming. Happy anniversary!

  5. The last look is best. Your hairstyle and sunglasses are amazing! Until now, I´m following U :)
    I hope you will check my blog xoxo

  6. congratulations!!! I always love seeing these little sort of compilations of pictures the blogger picked herself, as I feel they represent someone's personal style vision the best and you can really pick out someone's core style from it. Your core style seems to be:

    to which your haircute gives edge. Very you, very beautiful. That pale pink dress is a dream!