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this is what makes us girls

hey guys, sorry my entries here have been rather scarce lately. i've been kinda lazy, i must admit, and i haven't really been able to manage my spare time wisely enough. what's kept me busy you ask? well, i've had friends visiting the weekend before this and it was super fun to hang out with them and show them around town. i met them while i was bartending in LA 6 years ago (man, has it really been 6 years?) and they now live in budapest. have you noticed how i write everything in lower case letters? i only do that because i don't feel that some words are more important than others (and because i get lazy). but i just couldn't help spelling LA in uppercase, it is after all one of the most amazing cities on earth. but i digress. then, we took advantage of this long weekend and went and visited my parents for easter. they now live in a quiet little village in austria and we don't get to see them very often. i'm not big on religious holidays (though i'll take any chance i get to enjoy a long weekend) but here's my take on dressing up in one's "sunday best": bodycon dress, lace tights and some bling.

dress, tights: h&m * shoes: bb up * necklace: thrifted * bracelet: topshop * ring: bershka

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