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i thought that you were wise but you were otherwise

i thought i would kill two birds with one stone (wait, that doesn't sound right, why would anyone want to kill birds? that's not very nice, we should come up with a nicer substitute for this idiom) and shoot two outfits in one session. i've been kinda absent from the blogosphere lately and wanted to make up for it, but unfortunately the weather thought otherwise. the sky was grey and the light was awful and did no justice to this beautiful top i recently picked up at a thrift shop. it's oh so sparkly and fun but you can't really tell, because the sun was hiding away and so my top didn't sparkle the way it should. that's what i get for trying to force things instead of waiting for a better day to take these pics. if you had told me a few years back i would be wearing something sparkly (during the day too) i would have told you no way jose! now i don't even dare to say out aloud that i wouldn't be caught dead wearing sequins because you never know, right? never say never when it comes to fashion!

top: thrifted * pants: stradivarius * pumps: filty

1 comment:

  1. Love the shape of those pants and the pop of color you added with the shoes. They really change the look of an all-black outfit.

    I too have been trying to use a better saying than "kill two birds..." I tried "feed two birds with one hand" or "pet two birds..." but it hasn't caught on :( People just think I'm strange.