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a forest bird never wants a cage

the boyfriend and i decided to run away from the hot city for the weekend and retreat to a cooler location. little did we know that heavy rain was on our way and it sure did chill the atmosphere. just before the rain came i managed to take a quick swim in a lake, and it was divine. just what i needed to relax and loosen up. sunday morning we decided to take the dogs out on a walk in the forest nearby. the forest was humid and foggy, it seemed out of a fairytale. i ended up with my feet soaking wet and my clothes full of mud because the dogs were in a very playful mood and kept jumping on us. it sure was fun though. so now i'm gonna leave you guys and go enjoy what's left of the weekend. hope you had a great one too. peace!

 cardigan: missy glam * top: h&m, thrifted * jeans; vero moda * shoes: converse

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  1. That's how hiking goes with my dogs, too! They get way too excited and jump all over us! :)