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second skin

yeap, this dress is like second skin to me. there's nothing i love better on hot summer days than wearing nude colors so i can avoid attracting the sun rays. i have no idea why i got all dressed up today, maybe because it's friday and i am so glad this week is over. i'm wearing my beige wedges, i even put on a fancy necklace, which by the way i was dying to wear but never got a chance so far, and then some more accessories to go with the nude theme. please excuse the wrinkles on the dress, it looked better in the morning when i put it on, but you can imagine it was doomed to look this way after sitting all day in front of the computer. i love the lace details around the shoulders, that's what attracted me in the first place. ok, i shall ramble no more and let you guys get on with your weekend. have a great one, everyone!

dress: bershka * shoes: bb up * necklace: thirfted

1 comment:

  1. the dress is so beautiful.looks great on you!
    by the way... hot legs :)