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night's black mantle covers all alike

it was so hot this weekend that i truly believed i would burst into flames. there was no way i would resist in the heat taking outfit shots, so i waited patiently until dark, though it was just as hot out. i really don't like using flash when taking my pictures but in this case it was really necessary. my sister, who was my photographer for the weekend, tried out different settings but the pictures didn't turn out as great without flash. the light was definitely more beautiful without it, like in the last picture, but you could barely see the clothes. the harem pants, or the mc hammer pants as i like to call them, are really light and breezy and i thought they would protect me from mosquito bites, but they didn't. it seemed that no piece of fabric was gonna stand in the way of the mutant  mosquitoes we had there. the pants are the most comfortable thing in the world and they get a lot of wear during weekends. the top is equally light and soft on the skin and i love wearing tube tops during summer. i bought both pieces last year and they still are my summer favorites.

top, pants: bershka * shoes: random

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  1. Beautiful, esp. the last pic. I adore those pants!! You look so serene in these pics!