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for ivy climbs the crumbling wall to decorate decay

as promised, this is the first of my weekend outfits and i have a couple more to post in the next few days. nothing fancy, a relaxed ensemble suitable for the hot weather outside. i actually didn't last long walking in the sun so i immediately went back to the shade after taking these photos. you couldn't even move an inch without sweating. i really loved this wall covered in ivy, and it was just slightly cooler than anything else around so i decided to take shelter near it. but i  guess that's what the swarming insects in it thought too. i could hear them buzzing around as if telling me to go away cause that was their territory. i did feel like an insect wearing my ruffled sleeved top. maybe if i bat my arms real hard i could actually fly. or maybe not. i was also wearing my angel wings earrings, so i guess i had more in common with the creatures swarming around me than i thought. since i was spending the weekend apart from my boyfriend i took his dog tags and left him with mine. i though it would be nice to have something of his with me and also i figured it would be really funny if one of his friends decided to read his tags and find out they had my name on them. unfortunately the joke was on me because no one noticed, not even him. 

top: bershka * shorts: kathy * shoes: random

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