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you free your mind in your androgyny

one of my favorite experiments would have to be the play on androgyny. i love channeling the man in me from time to time. or maybe the butch/dyke in me, who knows? this is actually what i wore yesterday but couldn't get around to post these sooner, and all day long i kept thinking i must watch "the L word" again. don't know if you guys ever watched the show, but i sure wish they would shoot another season or two. the series focuses on the lives, loves and dramas of a lesbian community in LA. i stumbled upon this show a couple of years ago when i was searching for some new shows to watch, but i only wanted to watch shows filmed in LA. after spending a summer there it became my favorite city and i've been missing it ever since. even if you're not into the gay theme of the show i highly recommend it for the fashion. every character has a very well defined signature look and i became in love with all of them, whether butch or femme.  so even though this wasn't exactly what i had in mind when i got dressed in the morning, i shall call this my little tribute to the fabulous gals of "the L word". 

pants: zara * vest: promod * shirt, shoes: random

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  1. I L OVE this look. Seriously gorgeous. Somehow a sort of androgynous/masculine look always seems MORE feminine to me. Sort of like it really shoes the contrast between the feminine YOU wearing it and the masculine it!

    But yes, you look awesome and super cool.