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les fleurs du mal

i fell in love with this wall the second i saw it. it's in the back of my apartment building but i only discovered it last week. it makes me think of baudelaire's poems, full of decadence and indecency. after the first shoot here i knew i had to come back and i am sure i will make this a regular background whenever i get the chance to take pictures outside. otherwise i will go back against my bedroom wall, which isn't even nearly as beautiful as this one. it's strange how we can find beauty in decay and destruction. a wall covered in mould and algae can be more beautiful than any form of art, because this is nature's work of art. i absolutely love the black mould flowers and the different shades of green on the bottom of the wall. i also thought this dress was the perfect match with it's beautiful rich earthy tones. i love it's patchwork, the asymmetrical cut and the bare back.

dress: mihaela cretescu * bag: thrifted * shoes: random


  1. that dress is so quirky cute! love it!

  2. the wall is great indeed ! ...but what got my attention in the photos was you tattoo...the one on your back! ...if is not to much to ask...maybe you'll post a photo of it...someday! the one on your shoulder is great!

    have a nice day!

  3. @diana: i have some pictures of the tattoo on my back here: :)