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wouldn't it be peachy if your face could fake a smile

i was a little bit on the fence about buying this dress, but now i'm glad i did. i was instantly drawn to the color but in the back of my mind a voice was telling me something was wrong. the color was dangerously close to pink, and let me tell you i hate pink, but i managed to convince myself it was rather peachy than pink. don't you find? anyway, it's the perfect thing to throw on when you're in a hurry and you have a hot day ahead. pull up the hair in a messy bun and you're done. very simple and effortless. one other thing i loved about it were the matching sequins on the top. sequins are another thing i wouldn't normally go for because i don't really like sparkling things but luckily these ones weren't. the draping is also really nice and subtle, and even though the shape around the hips isn't the most flattering on a body, i quite like the play on proportions. i do have to say, even though this dress was bought before i changed my hair color i'm glad i waited till now to wear it because i don't think i would have pulled it off with darker hair.

dress: tally weijl * shoes, slip : random


  1. I LOVE this dress! Definitely a worthy buy :)

    xoxo Maria

  2. Adore this dress. I see why you bought it. It is perfection. Very modern silhouette. Lovely colour (PEACH!). Adore it with your hair.

  3. Love this dress! Beautiful color! ;)

  4. I love the fit, it's a good buy... I have a few dresses that I picked up earlier in the summer, not knowing whether I would love them or not but in this heat they've been great!

    Ripped Nylon