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lips like sugar, sugar kisses

i've never really been any good with makeup. the truth is i've never been quite interested in it. i mean i like it in magazines and on other people, but i haven't quite mastered even the basic techniques of putting makeup on. when i do try, i end up wearing way too much.  i rarely wear any daytime makeup, sometimes i would put some mascara on, but that's about it. not sure what exactly got into me, but i will be attending another wedding the next weekend and for some reason i decided to go all fancy about it and bought myself a red lipstick to wear for the occasion. i'm gonna try wearing it for a couple of days so i can get used to it. and i must say, it doesn't look half bad. i guess there are some advantages to having a pale complexion. i'm going in for a cut and color next week so i'm hoping it will look even better with my foxy red hair. as for today, i am wearing a thrifted pleated skirt, striped shirt and got all crazy with a bunch of green accessories: ring, earrings, belt and bag. enjoy the rest of your weekend my darlings!

top: zara * skirt, belt, bag: thrifted * sandals: random

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  1. love your pleated skirt ant this tapestry bag!