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come as you are

my hair is one thing i was never afraid to experiment with. not all my experiments throughout the years have been successful, but i somehow managed to make it work. as e leo i am super proud of my mane as you can imagine. i've had all sorts of hairstyles and i've been dying my hair since the 10th grade, so my hair has been through a lot. one thing i discovered, that maybe comes with age, is i am not prone to experiment as much, maybe because i now know what suits me well and what doesn't. but i still feel the need for change from time to time. i can't remember the last time i felt this good about a haircut, i feel liberated, i feel younger, i feel like a new person, i feel like 5 years have been shaved off my face. and surely this new haircut will allow me to experiment more with my daily outfits. because it was sunday and we were going to spend half a day outdoors i went for a very relaxed look that consisted of a floral dress and a pair of beaten up old converse. for some reason i find this a bit on the grunge side, which i haven't done before, and i am quite pleased with how it looks. and it's perfect timing i guess, as nirvana's album "nevermind" just turned 20 a couple weeks ago.

 dress: thrifted * shoes: converse