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high flying birds we are

each time we walk around the neighborhood trying to find a spot to take pictures i wonder what it would be like to live in one of those houses. i've lived in an apartment almost all my life, and as much as i like it, i would love someday to live in a house. i would love to have a back yard where i could grow cherry trees and have a pond filled with fish and water lilies, a hammock for taking naps and reading and a dog or a cat, or maybe both running around in the yard. i have my eyes already on some of the houses around us and this one is one of my favorites, mostly because it has orange bricks and it's full of flowers and trees.and i bet they have a wonderful yard back there. i'd fit right it, don't you think? anyway, if i was the one living in this house i would find it a bit creepy to have people taking pictures in front of my house. which is way we were very quick in taking these, we don't want to upset the neighbors. i am wearing a ruffled dress with lace tights and a bird print cardigan. it wasn't my intention to get dressed in h&m almost from head to toe, but it happens sometimes.

dress, tights, shoes: h&m * cardigan: bershka


  1. Very light and sweet, I love that !

  2. your hair looks amazing against the neutral outfit! I love the lace tights and the feminine rufflin'

  3. Uuu the tights, amazing! and of course i love your hair, crazy color. I'm a little jealous.