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weather inappropriate

the days are getting so small and dark and cold now that I am less and less enthusiastic about leaving the house. as much as I love layers, putting on a stack of clothes on just to keep you warm and dry just doesn't leave too much room to having fun with dressing up.  so today I got home from work and decided to play a bit with some things that are not very weather appropriate but that are fun and comfortable. pulled out my denim shorts from under the bed (that's where I keep my summer clothes cuz there's no room for them in the closet right now) and started from that. I wanted to play a bit with volumes so I chose a big black top that has a huge neck, which can be worn several ways. decided to put on some tights just because bare legs didn't seem like a good choice. all in all I had fun with my little project and I think I'm gonna do it again pretty soon.

top: diesel, thrifted; shorts: abercrombie&fitch, thrifted; tights: charme

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