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à la the white stripes

red is not one of my favorite colors but I like using in once in a while to make an outfit pop. I especially like using it with black and white, they just go so great together. but how would you feel about an entire wardrobe built only on black, white and red pieces? Jack and Meg from The White Stripes have done it, and their outfits are always über cool. having a 3 color wardrobe is not so crazy after all. I mean, if I take a close look at my closet right now, most of my clothes are black and purple. a splash of color is always welcomed but I usually like to stick to the colors that I love best. now, for the dress I am wearing, it has all the attributes to be one of my favorite winter wear. first of all it's black and white (one of my favorite color combos); second, it's knitted, hence warm and cozy; third, it was a gift from my sweet and generous friend Gianina; and fourth it's perfect for the holidays.


  1. I love those tights! You look great - you have a nice eye for style! I love the background on your blog!

  2. hi fellow ifb member :) found your blog from neesha's group.

    i love your checkered dress and red tights. overall fab combination. thanks for sharing :)

  3. Love the outfit..and your blog is pretty cool

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  4. What a great outfit - I love your style!