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polka dots fill my eyes and I don't know why

polka dots always remind me of the libertines song "what katie did".  they look so young and fun and always make me sing. even though they are really in right now they kinda have a retro feel to them, they make me think of pin-up girls. in fact, that's kinda what I was going for with this look. well, a toned down pin-up girl of some sorts, anyhow. pulled my hair back, I perfectly aligned my bangs, put on some purple mascara and then chose the clothes. this is one of my favorite tops ever, mainly because it's purple but also because it has purple polka dots on the straps and on the buttons. the skirt may not be pin-upy enough because of the length but I love it just the same.

cardigan:h&m; top: ? don't remember; skirt: h&m, thrifted


  1. Cute! I love the skirt and the tights!

  2. That skirt is adorable - I love polka dots. You're gorgeous!